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I think it was about time to start posting my stuff here. :paranoid:
Darkwing Duck by mariomaster88Mickey Waiting by mariomaster88Superman by mariomaster88
:bulletgreen:FINISHED AFFILIATIONS:bulletgreen:
:bulletgreen:With ArtThiefAnnihilatorsArtTheftSupport
:bulletgreen:With Fight4Justice
:bulletred:Groups to kick:
:bulletred:TO DO LIST:bulletred:
:bulletred:Finish all affiliations with other anti thief groups;
:bulletred:Become member/admin of more then 5 groups.
:bulletred:Others group to administrate:
:bulletred:To finish all exams and graduate medicine college with final exam with mark 10 'till October 10.2014; :work:
:bulletred:Do nothing, instead start making art!
:bulletred:Make new policy violator list of thieves to report. Last list I made was 13 months ago. I think it's time to update new one with fresh cases of thieving.
:star:Stamps lover! :iconyay-plz::star:Visitors Most Welcome by PurpleInk777
Respect Copyright Stamp by Mr-BladeRespect Copyright Stamp by Mr-Bladeyou fucking plebs by BaconMagicDo not steal my art button by izka197no chain letters by Queer4BarbieThe Lamar Says... by amerindubYou silly bullies. by The-Legend-Of-BuraiSuspension does not equal banned. by The-Legend-Of-BuraiSOPA and PIPA fuck off stamp by Angi-ShyAnti pewdiepie stamp. by SeriousWeldarAnti PewDiePie Stamp by Firework154Baww u hate warriors why u no be like MEE!1!1!? by Little-rolling-beanI Hate PewDiePie stamp by Skerplezwastebook by Cherry-samaBlocking stamp by PyroKeyBawlocked by FearlessLullabyBlocking. by smilelikeacidBlocking Stamp by KavanMcCarronI dislike lady gaga by LainaofthesandLOLRolling Stones by N63Well I do by LiteratePotheadLinkin Piss by LiteratePotheadLMFAO at this queer band by LiteratePotheadI laugh at trolls by prosaixCall it arrogance... Call it stubbornness... by prosaixI laugh at white knights by prosaixPlanes Stamp by FelineMythBuzz Impact by ginacartoonSchool Sucks - by StampCollectorsUp Stamp: Kids by XxoOjunefoxOoxXStop it by StampCollectorsI Support Animated Stamps by zacthetoadLayton Remembers Stamp by orian-stampsI support animated stamps by deviantStampsBullshit Excuse Stamp by Maria-OregonRecolors by ValiantPlayerDC Comics Batman Fan Stamp by dA--bogeymanTO INFINITY AND FUCK YOU by TokyoyoHRick Roll Stamp by The-Scary-SisterReal Friends Join You by StampsByNykoForce Battle by KISSofFIRELightsaber's FR Blue. by LinkmaxRick Roll Stamp by AHMED-ARTI Survived Order 66 by StampsByNykoJedi Stamp by melonhead-emotionI Use The Force Stamp by CaddielookStupid Block Reason #5: UR OPINION IS HORRIBLE. by World-Hero21Stupid Block Reason #4: I DUN NEED UR HELP. by World-Hero21Stupid Block Reason #3: HOW DARE U FAV by World-Hero21Stupid Block Reason #2: BAWWW U LIEK THAT? by World-Hero21Stupid Block Reason #1: SORRY FOR HELPING YOU. by World-Hero21Stupid Block Reason #6 (Last one for now) by World-Hero21Stupid Block Reason #7: LEMME BE A RUDE ASSHOLE by World-Hero21Stamp  -  Chain Letters = Spam by fmr0My three master words. by The-BaneBlade:Stamp: Want your ass kissed? Go somewhere else. by KooboriSapphireI love Bart Stamp by OribeqirajLearn to Accept Different Opinions Stamp by Maria-OregonAnti-Ben10 Stamp by Maria-OregonHate Storage Stamp by izka197profile,NOT feature page stamp by izka197Stamp: Support Plotting by xxsomeoneelsexxHolmes Quote Stamp by Mirz123Ads With Sound Stamp by JFG107-Stampsstare in my fridge stamp. by CitrusEcstasy---xY U DELETE VIDEO by crazylaura64Gimme more sleep by prosaixButthurts At Their Finest by Maria-OregonAnti Scat Fetish Stamp by Maria-OregonVagina Vore by CraptrapStop Being Butthurt by SoraJayhawk77Learn What Critique is People by Maria-Oregonpanic button by Tbearmn22if you insist... by Tbearmn22Nothing else to do. by Tbearmn22Artists Stamp by JetProwerTheFoxTakeover Stamp by JetProwerTheFoxBad Mood Stamps Smiling by stamps-clubAuto-Tune Sucks by alaska-is-a-husky.. BBA Fan Stamp .. by DoomTacoNo messages? Stamp by Timesplitter92Read That Stamp Again by impersonalinfoStamps equals favs by tRiBaLmArKiNgSSue me by tRiBaLmArKiNgSmy Pageviews are true by ilaaariaStamp: Going To Hell by QuantizationAs If by reportplzDewey,Louie and Huey Stamp by kaorinyaplzDarkwing Duck Stamp by kaorinyaplzNever... by prosaixSpam - Stamp and Long button by DinoclawsAristomenes by SirvanaRachanaCaution by impersonalinfoI am allergic to bull by SheilaBrinsonSony PlayStation - Stamp 7 by jim77graveMakes Perfect by Kats-StampsFandom contentment by AngelTigress03Be creative stamp by ViOLeTjaniSWhat is "Normal"? by DragonGirl1771Spongeblah by Fyi-SusMY ONE AND ONLY STAMPPPP by pumpkynPS 4ever by DeviantSithThis is living by boomerangmouthDisney Pocahontas Stamp by TwilightProwlerDisney Sleeping Beauty Stamp by TwilightProwlermy butt is fine, thanks by pixelat0ryDeviantArt is NOT Photobucket static Stamp by RxJokerDemotivational Stamp by FoggyPebbleI love stamps by JellykaAddicted To Music - Stamp by JWiesnerRock Music Stamp by Davidgtza2Stamp: I'm not weird by Roxy317No judgement Stamp by PollyUranusDont need to be popular Stamp by DragoN-FXDisney Princess Aurora Stamp by TwilightProwlerstamp: not lazy by ohhperttylightsDisney Mulan + Hair Stamp by TwilightProwlerI Hate Mondays Stamp by Mirz123Day Dreamer Stamp by Sora05Moments you need... stamp by dazza1008Too Good For Words by fear-the-brillianceRewind Button by fear-the-brillianceUndo Button by fear-the-brilliance


Oh you hate me? Please leave a message with my secretary and I'll get back with you soon!

None of them are true.
You're not going to die if you don't spread them to other people, but you will piss some people off if you do so.

I know some peeps think it's legit but honestly, all of those things are bullspit.
Trust me.
Please don't send them to me.



A couple of thing I like. :hug: I'm not requesting from anyone to buy this for me. Thank You! :dummy:

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:icongermanyfacepalmplz: Words can't describe how dumb comment this is.
  • Mood: Disbelief
  • Listening to: Lionel Richie - Can't slow down 1983
  • Reading: Comic books
  • Watching: Mr. Bean
  • Playing: Nothing at this moment because I'm mad!
  • Eating: Cookies and bread with peanut butter
  • Drinking: Juice
Won't give out links or names, but anyone that has talked to me for the last 24 hrs and know about the latest "Tracing is art!!11!ONE!!" incident that has happened recently, then chances are you will know who I am talking about. [Maria-Oregon I and rest of us got a headache explosion because of this little pussy. :iconnotimpressedplz:] Either way, in regards to this person, all I have to say are these few things:
Here's what my friend Maria-Oregon said:
Tracing by no means is art. It takes little to NO skill to trace over someone's artwork. Does tracing help in some ways in improving one's skill? Sure, but that's all it is, practice and it should never be included when making your own original artwork.

Unless given permission by the original artist, you give  credit to said artist credit AND it's within the copyright policy, you should NEVER post traced art on here.

If you are in fact tracing someone's art WITHOUT their permission and give no credit, then YES, you are in fact committing ART THEFT.
Thinking-cap1 by NinjaKato
Learning to write the damn ABCs in elementary school, in which you had to trace the letters on worksheet that was giving to you, doesn't count as proof to " tracing is a fundamental taught to beginner artist". That is literally learning how to write the damn alphabet and learning said alphabet. And last I checked, most if not all art teachers in schools and art colleges, STRONGLY DISCOURAGE the use of tracing.

Someone disagreeing with your opinion and sharing their own, is NOT cyberbulliyng 

Someone pointing out the facts to you, is NOT cyberbullying

Someone proving you wrong, is NOT cyberbullying

Someone not cowering away from your petty insults and name calling, but instead standing UP to you, is NOT cyber bullying. You have no place to even cry about it, when you do that shit.

If you can't take the fucking heat, then don't dish it out, then run and cry to admins when it didn't end well for you. Don't be that guy. Nobody likes that guy.
My turn:
We don't need your bawwing or your little shitstorm you create here. If you cannot face with the truth of what we said, then you are the one who is a problem here, not we or any one of us here of deviantART community. If you get caught for posting porn content like mini video games for example and you get a warning from staff members for that when they remove it from your gallery, then you don't have rights to baww to staff members and threat them like your own personal army of mans or attack them and tell them how a link or tutorial you made was an adult game not a porn material! :iconnotimpressedplz: They have smarter things to do in their life's, then dealing with your baww excuses and your shit you start when somebody don't kiss your butt and trying to prove what you said was wrong.
  • Proving our points is not a form of bullying;
  • Explaining you that tracing is not a fundamental taught is school is not bullying;
  • Treating you like a child which you are, is not a form of bullying;
  • Using offends is not bullying either;
  • Trying to explain you something is not a from of bully at all!
If you make a baww journal, targeting members in it, using anti thief groups to attack someone without good evidence. Buying members by giving them gifts like Lama, watch, fav and other type of spam in hope you will buy them on that way so they can be on your side when you order them to attack someone for not kissing your butt in a form of: CYBERBULLY!!! BAWW!1!1 CYBERBULLY!1!! Then you deserve to be mention it as a little sissy for not agreeing with us when we proved you are wrong!
Stupid Block Reason #1: SORRY FOR HELPING YOU. by World-Hero21 Stupid Block Reason #6 (Last one for now) by World-Hero21 Learn to Accept Different Opinions Stamp by Maria-Oregon Stop whining by Ramen27 Stop getting butthurt over opinions. by World-Hero21 I have a right to my opinions too. by World-Hero21 Everybody can join in if it's public. by World-Hero21 It's not stalking when it's in public. by World-Hero21 I am allowed to call out your BS. by Little-rolling-bean Keep it to yourself plz k thanks by Caution-LowCeiling BAAWWWlocked by The-Legend-Of-Burai Makes Perfect by Kats-Stamps Be creative stamp by ViOLeTjaniS Do not steal my art button by izka197
I said what I said here including my friend :iconmaria-oregon: I'm seriously sick and tired of watching little pussies who start bawwing in their journals :icondeathstareplz: and reporting you to the anti thief group just because you offend them for not agreeing with them. :facepalm:

If you want to know the reason of all this, note me :note: and :iconmaria-oregon: and we will tell you what happened.

Better don't do that, the best thing would be is to ignore it. We don't want more of their shit here, we had enough of it! :disbelief:
Annnd that is all I have to say. Now excuse me as I left off some work to do, and that is my Diploma, I'm graduating in a week and a half so I must be on studying. See ya
  • Mood: Sarcastic
  • Listening to: Lionel Richie - Can't slow down 1983
  • Reading: Comic books
  • Watching: Mr. Bean
  • Playing: Nothing at this moment because I'm mad!
  • Eating: Cookies and bread with peanut butter
  • Drinking: Juice
Name your stupid reasons for being blocked.

My reasons:
:pointr: For explaining art thief rules of dA;
:pointr: For expressing my opinion;
:pointr: For giving critiques about things I personally hate;
:pointr: For hating things that other people like;
:pointr: For loving things that other people hate;
:pointr: For having anti thing stamps on my profile;
:pointr: For using emotions of dA community during discussion;
:pointr: For not loving/supporting lolita/shota shit on dA;
:pointr: For not supporting so called tracing is art baww!!! :lmao:
:pointr: For explaining person that giving death threats can get you banned; :new:
:pointr: Enforcing the rules of dA. :devart: :new:
Your reasons? Leave a comment here and we will judge it. :iconyoumustbenewhereplz:


milovanf's Profile Picture
Patrick Samson.
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States

Photo was done by amazing thekidKaos Go ahead! Check out his gallery, You will puke rainbow when you see his style. :iconbruce-motherofgodplz:
police lights red blue pictures, backgrounds and images

Art thieves, beware your worse nightmares has arrived and they will hunt you down:
Worse singer ever: :stare:
Best singer ever! :#1:
Current Residence: Under Your Brain.:iconbrainplz:

deviantWEAR sizing preference: The one I wear.

Print preference: A paper?:iconpaperplz::pencil:

Favorite genre of music: Anything but Yours.:cd:

Favorite photographer: Photo-camera.:camera:

Favorite style of art: Everything but I most prefer ORIGINALITY!

Operating System: Windows 7, if we can call that operative system. :| I miss my old Windows NT/XP 2000:windows:

MP3 player of choice: WAV, FLAC?:music:

Shell of choice: Avast. :iconavastplz:

Wallpaper of choice: Windows.:windows:

Skin of choice: Man, that is such a racist question!!:iconthatsracistplz:

Favorite cartoon character: Mr Bean,:iconmrbeanplz: Benny Hill, Charlie Chaplin,:iconcharliechaplinplz: Donald Duck.:icondonaldduckplz:

Personal Quote: None of your business. :|
Now all aboard!!! In the fail boat. :icongtfoplz:
:icongermanyfacepalmplz: Words can't describe how dumb comment this is.
  • Mood: Disbelief
  • Listening to: Lionel Richie - Can't slow down 1983
  • Reading: Comic books
  • Watching: Mr. Bean
  • Playing: Nothing at this moment because I'm mad!
  • Eating: Cookies and bread with peanut butter
  • Drinking: Juice


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